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United by Music - Joris van Wijngaarden

Joris van Wijngaarden

Co-Founder - United by Music Romania

Joris Van Wijngaarden is the co-founder of the Romania-based United by Music. A former financial executive at Carante Groep, a major Dutch healthcare organization, Joris developed the concept for United by Music with American singer Candye Kane and launched the nonprofit organization in 2005. Under Joris’ leadership, the organization in Europe grew to include teaching and workshop opportunities to augment the live performances of the touring ensemble.

Olcsvári Tünde

President - United by Music Romania

Not necessarily those are the happy and fulfilled persons who own the best of all things, but those who can get the best out of all they have.

If we give up our passive music listening habits, and we are ready to pay attention to talented disabled musicians, through observation and cognition the inner content of the music, the message will sound in our hearts as a silent symphony. Singing together can revive the wonderful song of creation, the sparks of the divine fire, with music we can create such a honest connection between human and human, that is everyone’s desire. So together we can get closer to the state in which we really feel that the distance between me and my fellow is diminished; and finally we can create something valuable for ourselves and for our communities, which is pleasing to God ...

United by Music - Olcsvári Tünde
United by Music Romania - Makkai Péter

Makkai Péter

Vice president - United by Music Romania

For me, United by Music is developing and maintenance the musical talent of disabled people.
The song of Bródy János formulated the best our mission:

We are all visitors on this earth
If we pass away, who knows what we will leave
Let s teach our children the song of love
As many people, as many wonderful worlds.

We are all different
Although we are similar in one another
We are all different
It's good that we have some common songs.

Banga Erzsébet

Secretary - United by Music Romania

All the people have the obligation to discover and observe the strong sides of people around us. (Reuven Feuerstein).

But we can do even more, we can embellish the moment by helping, supporting and encouraging the talents of the people around us.

United by Music - Banga Erzsébet
United by Music Romania - Luiza Zan

Luiza Zan

Honorary President - United by Music Romania

Luiza Zan studied classical singing for 9 years, following the courses of the Art High School in Piatra Neamt and courses of the Iasi University of Arts. The artist has been involved in musical projects over the years, being considered a musician, not only a soloist in a band.

Orosz Anna

Project Manager - United by Music Romania

After several years of work in the press and in the private sector, I accepted a huge challenge: I decided to serve the civil sector, maybe the greatest need for persevering and devoted work is here. My goal is to create musical formations in Romania, which are made up of disabled people, but during the shows the audience will listen and applaud with the same enthusiasm.

United by Music - Orosz Anna

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