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About United By Music North America (UBMNA)

Imagine a world in which no prejudice exists regardless of race, creed, color, gender or developmental challenge. This is the vision upon which United by Music North America is founded, as use the power of music to achieve this bring people together and achieve this goal.

UBMNA is a unified performance-based program and band for both neuro diverse and neuro-typical people with exceptional musical talent.

The United by Music concept, was originally created in The Netherlands in 2006 by Joris van Wijngaarden, a former health care industry financial executive. Entertainer Candye Kane worked with van Wigngaarden to hone the concept United by Music in The Netherlands.

When van Wijngaarden wished to expand this unique program to North America, Kane suggested he speak with nonprofit industry expert and music supporter Barbara Hammerman. He did, and the result was a methodical process of testing the concept in the U.S. and Canada and the founding of United by Music North America by Hammerman and Amanda Gresham, music festival and event producer.

The first Showcase Tour was in 2010. This two-week tour, with support from the European-based United by Music, took an ensemble composed of program representative musicians through nine cities in the U.S. and Canada.

Due in large part to the relationship that United by Music was able to develop with Portland through Amanda’s involvement with the city’s signature Waterfront Blues Festival and Arthur’s expertise and interest in the project, Portland was selected as the site for the first United by Music program development in North America. The other communities that participated in the initial Showcase Tour are still being cultivated.

With this foundation for success, UBMNA is fulfilling its mission raising awareness about how connected we all are through music, community and our universal aspirations to lead inspiring and fulfilling lives.

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